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cause of these hemorrhages. Fatty degeneration was also observed
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presents the following points of interest. The colour suffered no
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marked depression between it and the occiput; it is obviously owing to the third
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A residence in settled climates, whether tropical or frigid, tends to
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3. (a) Instantaneous z-ray plates of 200 cases of clinically early
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two or more roots unite to form one nerve apparently, which may then assume
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in the morninn; never exceeded 80 in the minute. The ni^rht sweats
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culous meningitis reacts strongest, the cell count is low and the
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When the melanotic tumour is incased in a fibrous sac, it is said
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me to its adoption. When the ligature is applied directly over the
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that the urobilin has been formed in the liver itself.
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paralysis of the right lower facial, the mouth is drawn to the left,
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required a longer time, but after exposure to a diffuse light in a room
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held, Jie formed an opinion that it came to its death by a blow inflict-
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poisoning, asphyxia, cachexia, and the verminous aftections generally.
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from epinephrin is due to excitation of the vagus centre in the med-
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accompanying diseases. Observe, there is nothing specific in this; an individual
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tion or regrets; but rather whether for each such patient it would
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which, however, came during the day and disappeared at night. She was
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to take a large quantity of blood from him. In the first bleeding', as the pulse
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desirous of knowing the existing condition of medical science. The practitioner
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ease, it becomes more imperative that we should do that little wisely, and well.
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drawn well over to the right side, and apparently fixed in that position.
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patients having exophthalmic goitre. Other sera examined have
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The scrofulous cachexy, as M. Dubois terms it, in which he affirms
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marked cirrhosis of the liver which had developed probably as a
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readily to give place to its normal state; in other instances the modi-
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27. Spirits of Turpentine in Externa, as a Cure for Sciatica. — Dr. Ducros, Jr.
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movements, and after a retention meal given at night, the stomach is
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strengthen the system. Thus a scrofulous taint maybe completely worn out in a
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After these preparatory incisions, electrodes are placed on the
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deceased patients, seventy-one had some degree of cardiac *in-
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ence to the percussor over other instruments employed in lithotripsy.
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present (a period often years) without any symptom of hcmicrania. Dr. Mack-
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According to Flugge, these organisms may resist the destructive
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always proves fatal, a recovery may take place after a simultaneous double ef-
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