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We have received the second volume of the '•' Collective
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the water in the traps of the drain-pipes, have been thoroughly permeated by sewer gas.
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experiences have been freely sprinkled with pleasure and with pain.
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In no case where I have used the collodion, except the first one
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of most other systolic murmurs, by the degree of vigor with which
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strongly reducing action on potash ferridcyanide. They yield colour reactions
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twenty- nine were upon the right side, and nineteen upon the left. He
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effects, but rather in amounts so small as to be comparable with those low dilu-
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containing no opium, giving three times the quantity
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On mucous membranes. — Tea has the effect to increase
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but the results were proved to be not infaUible, from causes i^
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Enumeration of Corpuscles. — The best instrument for
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pharmacists and Medical men. It is too true that hitherto
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The truth of this observation might be illustrated by numerous observations upon
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Dr. Cooke illustrates the beneficial effects of lessening the
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certain substances, which ought to be eliminated o-it
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woman could live, and no child could be Vaginal examination: The labia ma-
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" My health remains bad, very fickle, the eyes a little better."
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August, 1822, at 8 o'clock in the morning, with a violent shivering, which, at the end of as