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half a drachm of concentrated muriatic acid to six ounces of muci-
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folds formed by the mucous membrane. If large vessels have been
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2 The potato slants employed in this laboratory are made from selected
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quence of the pulse in phthisis, it will be seen that the want of air is
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ening, hut at the same time gives rise to an effusion into the pleural
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this, or, in some cases, even previously, there are borbyrigmi, followed
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criticisms of botanists, the work of L. Gedoelst (Les Champignons parasites de
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/. Chir., (1885-6), 23, 497-529. — * Die Actinomykose des Menschen vom
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addition to the prize of $1,000, two gold medals and three silver medals
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patient ; in ulcer, these are often affected but little, and not till late in
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the pulmonary substance become wasted, and shrink without corre-
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tain rational symptoms, is a most significant sign of the pve-
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mended, if the sufferings of the patient render it worth while to use
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cerebro-spinal nerves, having their symmetrical distribution on each side
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those who have died of bleeding from the bronchi, the air-passages are
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bent at right angles, through which the renovation of the air
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Ever since, the amyl has invariably given him relief, and no ill efiects or
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lect insect ; the larva all this time remaining buried in the ground, while
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generally free from fever, and hence often long retain a tolerable de-
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the anus is very liable to result from its use is beyond doubt ;
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practical use of opsonotherapy. Tt was not my intention to describe the
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phthisis patient, and of the oedema of the subcutaneous connective tis-
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whole treatment. In most cases alcoholic stimulants were
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and intracanalicular myxomata of the breast. There was but one case of
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Electro-Therapeutics, Electrolysis, etc. By John J. Caldwell, M. D.
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* Kaschenski, P. (On the possibility of cultivating actinomyces. ) Med. Obozr.,
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were discharged, 8 remained in the institution to 1st of July.
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grounds ; experience has not proved their advantage.
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referred to mechanical causes. Experience shows that some patients
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2. Copious bronchial haemorrhage frequently preceded consumption,
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ious sources. TV. Path. Soc. (1900), 51, 217 to 220.— See Foulerton and