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Had the areas been used instead of simply the lateral
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researches of Bignami — may now, after numerous confirmations from
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any impure substance in the stomach or bowels, either received from
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there is the plague septicemia, which may be divided into
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inflammation. If this view be correct, we should expect to find a specially
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humerus lengths of about .358 mm., some may be as long as
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and croupy, and a cough follows the attempt to drink, or even to
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opinion, he could not adopt the view of Professor Smith-
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become less and less as time goes on. The severity of the treat-
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effect ; for one of the commonest conditions under which thrombosis
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Recognizing fully that the temperature may be raised by
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and during the course of their disease, and which give rise to a
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sary to the development of animal force are considered.
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refer tliis transudation oi albumen to another section of the vascular
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movable body, which appears to be the origin of the pain. Precisely
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cases which are favorably influenced by the antiserum there is a
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cluding these forms of disorder, it would appear that vision is more or less
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instituted as a laboratory service. It is valuable for surveillance of
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staining fluid is required, it is only necessary to place
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famous man ! Anon there was a creaking of doors, a scurrying of feet,
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when vanity or ignorance use this tool, that an accident
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Siunpden District (Mass.) Medical Society. — This So-
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know that whereas these glands are affected in every patient
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This method of making passive motion applies to the limb
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adjacent tissues, particularly the eustachian tube, in infancy and
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The man who is fully developed and should be in a position to di-
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(lystropbiques de I'li^r^do-sypbilis. viii, 372 pp.,
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should be absolutely watery, as death may follow submersion in the
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