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Administration of benzoic and boric acids in a solution corrected the urine, and the vulgaris vagina was douched twice daily with lysol solution. Define a puerile the murmur and give its causes. A large aneurism of the femoral, where it becomes the popliteal artery was found, with a small punctured in opening in it, and a quantity of organized blood clots round the opening. Elliott, not encounter such aggravated and obstinate sickness after ether, as occasionally supervenes It is often dangerous to administer ether to the excessively obese cr to extremely full blooded individuals, especially those possessed of an abundance of abdominal fat; and also, for like reasons in part, to alcoholics: acne. Take, for example, examination of the head; general features are to noted first and particular ones second. This poor organ has become so obnoxious to the refined taste of the modern surgeon with the operative surgery fad, lending himself especially to abdominal work, that should it, in its pure and virgin state, be found fastened to a missionary cecum, it buy has to be sacrificed to the appendectomy fad. The normal heart possesses a reserve force, usp the loss of which Mackenzie emphasizes as a cause of heart failure.

It is no part cream of the physician's rule. James, of Tekoa, said: The oldest patient in whom I saw dropsy was twelve years of after age. The vomiting ceased after the third dose, and pregnancy proceeded to term without any further complication (effects).


Iodoform of is a local anaesthetic of great power, and does not constipate. The only special type is the hsemorrhagic and that is probably the result of autodigestion of the blood vessels, Inflammatory fever: usage. This patient, who was subject to bronchitis, and easily put out of breath by the least exertion, presented all the attributes of a pulmonary emphysema of long standing; but after a more attentive examination, we saw that an online acute condition had lately grafted itself on the old thoracic malady. It is difficult to preserve for long the life of animals after a lesion of both for kidneys, and Straus has therefore contented himself with causing atrophy of one kidney by ligature of the ureter.

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