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mere expectation because it gave to the affected part a new and radi-
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the unchanged muscular fibres to a greater degree of strength
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justitiable; but when the disease begins with groux)Sof small pustules,
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complete rest was secured. The uterus was soft, and the shoulder movable
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The patient should keep quiet a few days until the pain has
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and the suspension apparatus and rubber bandage for applying the
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be law, so long as he is at the head of the institution.
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them in the Senate when I have known what was going on, and the
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use of water in physical therapy. I have undertaken the
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ful. The general condition of the sufferer will suggest, I believe,
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frequently somnolent. In all these cases the temperature remains high — 105°
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which the pericardial surface is rough from inflammatory l3nnph, and
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beginning of the disease, are usually wakeful, with a consider-
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and the latter in the form of dialysed iron, diluted with twice
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action manifested by gastric intolerance, intestinal
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ordinary daily diet. Fish and white meat are good, but beef,
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It is one of the most convenient and the cheapest of
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delayed one, two, three, or more days after the time when it usually appears.
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Art. V. — A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Women.
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that it is applicable to all kinds of cases. I prescribe
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Editorial Article's on all subjects op importance to the
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pressive operations were done. In 1, sufficient improvement
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hyperplastic tuberculosis of the intestine does to ordinary intestinal
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vation of over fifteen years, that the druggists of Toronto are,
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in a boy aged ten years," by Cecil Rountree {Proceedings of the
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and a great length of time may elapse without much constitutional disturb-
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fatal effects are occasionally produced by the impaction of
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membrane presented the u^ual changes induced by the
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by the unwholesome air of swamps, called malaria. The