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Macgregor stained a large number of films of the blood of

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blood and lymph-channels by applying caustic to the incis-

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He describes " four separate pathological conditions existing," by which

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were also made in blood-serum and gelatine, and in each case with a like result,

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is relieved for a time on the discharge taking place ; there is

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11(1 it is not probable they will elect one who will not fill the appoint-

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Tlie neuralgic pain cea.sc3 in most instances the mo-

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opht.. Par., 1898, iv, 157-159.— Van den Bcrgh. Oph-

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issue of both will be contt tnporaneoua ; permanent closure of

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plains that no explanation is given why the guarded

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should be classed as severe it should alwavs be remembered that

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I have now in my care Miss C. from Chicago. When I first saw her

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noticed was that the forearm could not be completely flexed

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condemn the way it is presented ; Ave have, however, no choice ; our

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inder, of a concave wooden clamp or shield, which is made to rest up-

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around the urethra, no painful spot on erection, no

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began to appear in the right arm, and soon became complete. There was

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chromogenic (pigment producing), aerogenic (gas producing), saprogenic

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tions in similar instances cannot be given, as such cases

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forms that manifest themselves from childhood are the

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again, while at old age it finally diminishes. A marked tendency to

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been tied, its second part could perhaps hare been secured.

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invohintary movements which are sudden, jerky, and irreguhxr ; by a

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use of the lactometer, so that the men themselves can

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exhausted patients. Deaths occur twice as frequently in healthy

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After waiting till ten o'clock at night, the hand was introduced — the pa-

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