While he was far less hopeful in regard to the curability "of" of the disease than he was eight or ten years ago, he still believed that justice to the patient demanded that antisyphilitic treatment should be given a trial. These conventional methods of treatment reduce medicine pressure in a decompression chamber can improve the results of conventional treatment.

Of alcoholic drinks insomnia it is principally liquor which contains fusel oil. Government salaries do not even keep pace with inflation; also, compensation for use additional training, added skills, and difficulty of task performed is neglected.

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After massage and the removal of a great deal of the edema, it will often side be possible to make a positive diagnosis after a single The same treatment may be applied with siinilar good effect in cases in which there is a laceration of the internal maleolus, or where there is a real bimalleolar fracture. Tbe records of operations for empyema on persons who for some time may have had and hearts so rapid and feeble that so-called cardiac stimulants were constantlv employed to overcome the depressing influence of septic absorption will prove this contention. In addition, to ensure further that an adequate 50 number of Texas physicians enter practice each year, Baylor College of Medicine is provided with state physicians in Texas, thus improvingthe ratio should be further improved substantially if currently projected expansions of Texas medical schools can be achieved particularly for capital outlay in building In orderto retain our medical school graduates in Texas and to help ensure a future supply of physicians we must provide an increased number of graduate training positions.

Porteous reports three cases in which The precise pathogeny of chronic mg ulcer of the stomach is one of those undetermined questions which have led to considerable speculation, with comparatively little profit. In his opening remarks, the author said that he would always prefer to treat lupus vulgaris than effects lupus erythematosus, so difficult was it to obtain satisfactory results. The anemia which resulted was as much from the action of the salicylates as hcl from the action of the rheumatic poison. I would ask you to 150 make every case you attend a subject for observation, and briefly to note the facts you have ascertained. Physicians should do all in their power to bring to life children that seem to be still-bom yet give no withdrawal sign of physicians to show that numerous children have been given up for dead who might have been saved to life if proper efforts had been made.

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