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patients with advanced T-cell lymphoma/leukemia. J Clin Oncol 1988; 6: 1088-1097
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Bigelow's, which has been several times adverted to since its delivery, is
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ounce of the tincture of muriate of iron in four doses in one day, for the
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at rest, recumbent ; if any food be permitted, that will
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muscles of the left side of the neck ; slight pyrexia with
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Mr. Clayton Fox said he did not find much wrong, but from the
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erroneous idea that the existence of two diseases in the
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hemorrhagic infarctions. These effects of embolism will be considered in con-
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7. Surgical typhus is an essentially different disease from putrid infection.
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The editor has, perhaps, given less attention to the chapter on Refraction
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cases, the organ by which the poison is introduced into the
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element usually acquires a severity not found in the forms just examined.
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cations of typhoid fever. Brit. M. J., Loud., 1899, i, 743.—
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zymotic diseases, as compared with the cases of illness from
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ache, slight fever, and signs of general depression ; in fatal
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Such patients, at first, often have neither cough nor expectoration.
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On the battle field the case is far otherwise. When hundreds are
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treatment instituted. If the surgeon saw him, of course,
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59. Schlesinger, H.: Zur Physiologie der Harnblase, Wien. klin. Wchnschr.,
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noticeable degree. It requires from eight to fourteen days after experi-
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coccus meningitis the death-rate is still high and residual injury