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of the number of bacilli taken up. Counting an opsonic film

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fewer and later in appearing when treated by mercury than when

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considerable, and their maintenance afterwards in a good

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in hand with diminished transudation of lymph and with a ten-

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and consequently the concentration of the toxins. Its secon-

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form in great abundance and are mingled with the serum. Hence, the

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during micturition, and the discharge of a scanty mucous secretion.

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in the present day ; but, in the severe epidemics, such as occurred dur-

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best to give the tincture in mucilage, or in a weak infusion of ipecac.

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vaccine-therapy where the invading bacteria have not as yet

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index has tended to be about or above normal, and a quick rise

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sive ; the pallid skin is constantly bathed in perspiration. The visible

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The contagion of abdominal typhus is not so intense as that of ex-

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tosh, and started classes, lecturing himself on systematic

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take the patient to pure invigorating air and healthy sur-

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cures in many cases which have defied the older methods.

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that the lymph taken from the vesicles of revaccinated persons ia

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In one case, fairly marked amelioration was produced, but

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wall of the uterus, and the atrophy of the tissue at the point of

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while less warm blood reaches the periphery, the temperature becomes

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only with that extreme grade of ascites in which the tympanitic

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distended, and lying closely in contact with a large part of the ab-

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pended upon morbid irritability of the cutaneous nerves, and of the

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riving comfort and aid from them, merely finds out new diseases, by

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(2) The case of a strictly localised infection where the conditions

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then feel quite well, and the disease can only be recognized by ex-

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pearance usually seen upon the skin of a healthy person, the skin in

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absorbed from the alimentary canal, is the starting point of the alteration of

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symptoms recur again and again, whenever, as may happen from

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is less frequently seen in large, densely-populated cities, than in small

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often be detected on the third day of a pneumonia— sometimes

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gained so much of their strength as to be able to resume their business

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the abdomen is comparatively relaxed. The abdominal parietes

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other hand, the constitutional symptoms cannot be relied

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infrequently, the first indication of the presence of urinary

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romata occasionally cause neither pain nor other inconvenience, so that

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