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that compose the audience; with this understanding, however, that in

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ing matters, such as blood, pigments, pus, and the like, at

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1840. For our knowledge of its jjathological anatomy we are indebted espe-

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west, and it was full of colors richer than ever painter could spread upon

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headach, and vertigo. A dose of the purgative mixture was

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was very much surprised at the decided effects of the medi-

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tion of the pulp by peripheral calcification, a pro-

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by increasing the alkalinity of the blood and causing nric-acideinia

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tion if the cause is not the access of air, but of living or-

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had not had a chill, scarlatina, influenza, typhoid fever, or any infection capable of

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and diathermancy, its humidity, pressure, motion (winds), and

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of persons who do not respond to their efforts, are

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space may be discerned. By palpation, the liver may be felt project-

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lying in the last stage of emaciation, and all requiring the aid of the me-

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another person. In fact, one may be able, by prompting, to make him speak

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who will deliver eighteen lectures on "The Comparative

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children who are walking, but in those who have not begun to walk the

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established. The use of anorectic agents by women who are or

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sometimes two, three, or four months, the patient, who has been gradually

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the term synajpe is employed as a general appellation for all forms of death

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Every year more persons similarly afflicted resort hither,

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Plantin of Antwerp, and not Purfoot, was the real printer of the work.

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defective the rules, — if the practice of the law be in any one case in confor-

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Boots and gaiters keep the feet damp, cold and unclean,

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swelling, and in part to paralysis of the dilator muscles of the larynx, as

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it is better to dilate gradually by means of tents — lamina-

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length, 14.5 inches; fenestrae, 4.81 inches; distance be-

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and, in the other direction, six and a half centimetres below the costal

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