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ments or better deserved the confidence of the profession.

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nuita may last from a few days to a month, and will often attract the

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when he spoke of the localized formation of agglutinins when they were

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out vitally stained cells), and (3) by the Gram-Weigert method for

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that ra.any of the vioit eminent of the Faculty now con-

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have died of it in the seventy-eighth year of his age ; atrophy or imperfect

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34. Einhorn, M., /. Am. Med. Assn., 1916, lxvi, 1908.

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the 19th from south of west, the degree of heat was 72° before sun-

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and slow. There is no hemiplegia in alcoholismus, and the urine as well

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in treating yellow fever, far beyond that of physicians.

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follows: To each of a series of tubes containing decreasing doses of antigen

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without a paroxysm of convulsions being produced. Although the

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It seemed possible that some further knowledge of the nature of

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deaths recorded, amounted to eighty-two. The greatest mortality

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study of the specific therapy. In the course of their discovery of the

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they sink to the bottom. The fcetal state to which MM. Legendre

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sentatives to the State Society, no person belonging to two or more

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and are empty or contain a yellowish clot ; but their lymph-sheaths are

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a tube presenting the shape of the trachea and bronchial divisions ;

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imipramine (tofranil) and desipramine (norpramin) are examples of

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sion as highly useful, precisely as they do the tanner and shoemaker

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parturition ; he denies that the sensations experienced by the nnother

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Treatment. — Absolute rest in the prone (not supine) position, is most im-

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proved. The various vices of venality have advanced in hideous

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Dr. Johnson said — " if there are men with tails, let them catch a

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these in establishing rights and claims, are familiarly known. The

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difficult to determine its nature and scope on the basis of these

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Journal; the November number, 1848, of the Charleston Journal;

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Differential Diagnosis. — Chronic atrophic spinal paralysis may be mis-

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mechanism of coagulation. It would seem, however, in view of the

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lation of venous blood through the arterial system, has been satis-

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sive. Corresponding with this table are thirteen other tables,

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the efficacy of the first operation. This opinion very naturally ob-

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Bearly all of them a siugle dose of the reoiedy was given in exactly the

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upper part is heard a clear bronchial respiration sound. Many medium rales at the

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plication, however, Table VII indicates that section of the left major

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It is somewhat strange that anatomists should aisaffree as to what

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solely of a layer of coagulated blood, which had formed all around the

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anmmia, it is possible for the urea excreted by the intestines to change into

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5. In using tartar emetic, in children especially, regard should be

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fit can be expected. The longer the use of electricity is delayed the less

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A communication was received from the Secretary of the Ame-