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The (;reat nustcr-stroke in am]nitalion of the thigh was
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Diseases in the Demilt Dispensary. In 1873 he was ap-
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rate of mortality. In New York, during one week in March
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I have had under my care lately several cases of pneumonia.
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Physicians at Columbia University ; from 1901 to 1903 he was clinical
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pain in the groin low down on right side, with heaviness of
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hemoglobin content of the blood in disease does not by any means always cor-
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position is maintained by a big triangular pad fixed against
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a special course in Berlin and Vienna, 1885-86; was Professor of
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the telephone in his house, to call him at any and all times aside
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tution, he received his bachelor degree. He then taught for a time,
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1903 ; Clinical Surgery since 1903, at Columbia ; attending surgeon
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the anastomotic circles are more especially developed. Let
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It is essential that the physician should obtain a satisfactory
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case "). This, if carefully and correctly viewed, is different in
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Dr. MacDonald made an exhaustive survey of the hospitals for the
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ing Dr. Taylor's career he was noted for the kindly feeling and sym-
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takes place when the father is in less robust health than the
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ciety in an attempt to make such a collection, which is to be
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setons are extensive, the culs-de-sac sometimes complicated
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Dr Hunt's first wife was r;iiiabcth E,, daughter of
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It seems probable that the place is not the same in every case. Very often it
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there were only two to four discharges during the day.
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the strong children in whom the fontanels have closed early, it
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cases of epilepsy, heart-disease, and that interminable list of
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be confirmed by careful and comprehensive tests. But all facts
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easy supervision of the limb, nor especially the easy renewal
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and "Practical Therapeutics," as well as numerous brochures. He
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As we all know, from the earliest days of medical science up
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The February meeting of the Society was held at the college-
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eral paralysis of the insane is a disease in which lesions exist in
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cult to convince her patients that her treatment ever was
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parative. Third edition. By A. C. Cowperthwaite, M.D., Ph.D., LL.D.,