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distilled water, were injected, in an hour six grains more were

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is to-day as well as if she never had a fractured skull. That, in

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and the discovery of its bacterial origin had already

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passes through the linea alba, owing to the partial separation of the recti

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break. If one, therefore, undertook such a study of the

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the inferior marginal. "When these two marginal convolutions

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in his agony, he tosses about his arms, the body is kept motionless,

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simple hysteria. It is rarely or never accompanied by the dull

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tion about all these preparations, for the guidance of the

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which should be resected if necessary. It is essential to have free access

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III. Tropical Trichophytons.— The fungi do not attack the hair

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soon restored the circulation to the extremities, and un-

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ment was adopted as a model for its younger and as yet weaker

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formed by the contracting bladder forcing the jelly-like

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well as to the ear, and of cultivating and stimulating the power of

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motives that have induced me to give up a position of such

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proper laws of our native industries, will have the effect

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stantly read, viz., the overcrowding of the medical

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the pupil, by means of the Calabar wafer, the right

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epistassi periodica nell' uomo. Atti e rendic. d. Accad.

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hold their hand until it had been proved to demonstration that the new

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Observations on the present Epidemic of Small-pox— Pcnning's Notes

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of the eruption — that is, before the third day. He accepts

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chiefly for the purpose of preparing students for them. The

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a few physical signs. Inspection may fail to yield any

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briefly referred to were not exactly like those with

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she became very weak, and later unconscious, which con-

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times by rapid asthenia or syncope. This mode of dying is exemplified

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