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seldom goes over 2.5%: with increased diuresis it may fall to 0.8%.
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instrument should be one which will not get out of order.
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BY AlME PAUL HEINECK, M. D., 100 State Street, Chicago) g
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spasms. The treatment was by musk and i frequently occur two, three, or more on the
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unless the arterial degeneration have led to the formation of an intracranial
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should be noted that a very slight movement of the sight
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ooze of rose or of myrtle, or with vinegar ; lay it to
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blood levels considered to be between 10 mcg'ml and 20 mcg/ml. Levels
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"been published in a separate form up to this date. Now they bring with
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tained only by stimulating the sole in cases of severe trans-
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Royal Hospital for Women ; Member of the Supreme Medical Council and of the
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bromine would in this case attack and decompose hexaphenylethane, if that
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General of Immigration, F. P. Sargent, as to the eff"ect of the
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and there is no logical or rational reason for ever administering
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ly on, in loud indifferent talk or the vilest profanity — tiius preventing
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desired. Alkaloids like morphine and strychnine are especially suit-
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I have practiced during the paroxysmal stage and as a part of the
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ers r< commends the use of suprarenal gland in 5-grain tablets,
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