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Sudden flexion of the leg and thigh may result in a spring-halt move-

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catheter had occasionally to be used. The spleen was

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touch being extremely painful, and anesthesia may follow. Any voluntary

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due to a continued disturbance going on at some of the branches of the

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came into possession of his; but in view of the close relations

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duty to save health and life. The fact is, the children of the

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liquids into the chest, and noted the regular sequence of changes.

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hemorrhage, ergot — as suggested by Dr. Beatty — might be ^iven towards the

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has been repelled, and in the employment of such sedatives or stimu-

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attempt. The defence was, that the prisoner was at the time insane, and

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ment the right of possession of Craney Island, a small island

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the size and organization of the spiral flesh-worm.

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varies considerably in different cases and in the same case at different

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with a solution of bleaching powder (one-half tablespoonful of

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the neck is not so favorable to congestion as in its more nat-

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either iron or iron-covered). In the Finsen Light Institute

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Dr. Bill Atkinson and his wife, Carolyn, take a break after

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inhalation, strong- traction is made ag-ainst the ribs,

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less weakened on the affected side. But these signs are due to the fact

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originating remotely in endocarditis. But I ought to repeat here

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— — In the Walsall Union six deaths from the disease are re-

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it, and destroy hearing. This circumstance has repeatedly oc-.

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the cysts of parasitic origin (echinococcus cysticercus) the liver

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prevented by simple measures to keep the colon compara-

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strength and comparative relations. In the two latter cases

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concern in nuisances on neighbors' premises. They can

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or write, or remember much of her past. She was untidy and

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disease has now frequently been brought to this country, but

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87-99. . Nouvelle methode pour rop6ration du trichi-

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