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Thin base pizzas not always the healthiest option

January 20, 2011 by Tony  
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A recent study conducted by consumer watchdog Which? found that in many cases thin base pizzas were just as likely to contain as much salt and fat as a deep pan pizza.

The research investigated both frozen and fresh pizzas across 162 products offered by both supermarkets and takeaways. The study concentrated on plain cheese and tomato pizzas, and pepperoni pizzas. On the whole, the study found that in the majority of cases, frozen pizza were healthier than fresh pizzas.

Another issue which the study highlighted was the need for clearer and more easily understandable labelling on pizza products which would allow consumers to make a more informed choice on pizza. Which? even found that labelling patterns varied widely on products offered by the same manufacturers, making it harder for consumers to compare salt and fat content accurately between different pizzas.

The unhealthiest cheese and tomato topped pizzas per 100g discovered by the Which study were Tesco fresh Full on Flavour Cheese Feast Deep Crust Pizza, Dr Oetker frozen Chicago Town The Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza, and Dr Oetker frozen Chicago Town Edge to Edge Deep Pan New Orleans Pizza.

The pizzas found to have the lowest salt and fat content were Asda frozen Takeaway Style Margherita and The Cooperative Frozen Simply Value Cheese and Tomato Pizza were among the lowest for fat, saturated fat and salt. Morrisons Frozen Value Cheese and Tomato Pizza, please see the Which? website for the full results.

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