The world goes crazy for pizza bombs

The world goes crazy for pizza bombs

Although we at the Pizza News newsroom are yet to get involved in this craze storming South Korea we are certainly intrigued, with Pizza bombs joining flatbread pizzas and calzones to make a menu of pizza alternatives.

In essence a pizza bomb is a way of cooking a pizza with a bit of drama, something that we all crave for in the modern world (imagine the Instagram video!).

Timeout journalist explains the process of this bomb, stating that these pizzas will ‘change your life’:

‘A dramatic dome of dough (in red or black, thanks to squid ink) is brought to your table, covered in alcohol and set aflame. When the fire dies down, the dome is cut open with scissors and…voila, there is a pizza inside.’

Encouraging a ridiculously gooey, cheesy inside it is impeccable how we have not come across this method sooner, a process that makes the already wondrous subject of pizza even more enticing.

Unordinary pizza-cooking  

Where the conventional way of cooking pizza is in a pizza or clay oven people tend to get very creative when it comes to pizza, with the =bomb being just one example of this. Examples of creative methods include all-microwave pizza, grilled tortilla pizzas and much more.

It is not simply the cooking methods where people start to get a little experimental. Below are our pizza recipe ideas that sound a bit funky but are in fact delicious. Why not try one and home and tell us what you think!

  • Pear Apricot and Gorgonzola Pizza
  • Mushroom & Chorizo Pizza
  • Pesto Shrimp Pizza
  • Carrot Crust Pizza
  • Spag Bol calzone

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