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The ultimate take-away accessory for pizza fans revealed

June 9, 2011 by Michelle  
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If you’re a takeaway fan, then you’ll want to be first in line to get your hands on the very latest accessory which offers takeaway lovers an implement to enjoy every type of fast food dish available.

The eatensil is like a Swiss army knife style implement with a whole range of cutlery which flips out from the one device. The gadget boasts a proper wooden ship fork for your chippy supper, chop sticks for your Chinese takeaway, a pizza cutter for your takeaway pizza, plus the traditional forms of cutlery including a fork, knife, spoon and also a bottle opener for your drink of choice.

The quirky gadget has been designed by the online takeaway directory, Just-Eat, who conducted a survey which found that 74% of those polled agreed that fish and chips tasted better when eaten out of newspaper with a proper wooden fork.

To ensure their takeaway customers are always able to enjoy fish and chips the way it should be eaten, Just-eat invented the Swiss-army style accessory complete with wooden chip fork.

The prototype of the takeaway toolkit has just been revealed, however the gadget has yet to be made available for customers to purchase.

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