The 2,500 calorie Pizza Burger is revealed

The Pizza Burger will go on sale in New York from next month

For all you fast food fans out there, the burning question of whether to choose a burger or pizza takeaway meal will no longer be a decision you’ll have to ponder over thanks to the brand new invention from Burger King.

The world’s first Pizza Burger is set to be unveiled at the fast food giants Time Square branch in New York next month. The new Pizza Burger will debut at the city’s busy Burger King outlet before being brought out in other restaurants across the States should it be deemed a success in New York. As yet, there are no set plans to introduce the Pizza Burger to the UK market.

However not everyone is pleased with Burger King’s new invention with health experts dubbing it the “fat bomb” due to it’s 2,500 calorie count. However bosses at the fast food chain have defended the new Pizza Burger saying that it not intended as a meal for one person, but is designed to share, in the same way you would a pizza.

The Pizza Burger is divided into 6 slices and costs $13 (£8.40) The new invention is four times bigger than Burger King’s famous Whopper and consists of a sesame bun, beef burger, pepperoni, Mozzarella, Tuscan pesto and marinan sauce.

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