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hour after the transfusion, half the injected fluid had already,

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of the inflammatory reaction, supplying at the same time

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stones are roundish ; larger ones mould themselves to the shape of

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malaria has only modified the symptoms of intoxication, so as to

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others empty, and it was supposed that the amount of blood contained

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cular fasciculi, may be detected when the viscus also is dilated, by the

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(Messrs. Callard & Co., 74 Regent Street, London, W.)

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containing 100, 200, and 500 miihons of staphylococci per c.c •

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constant ; for, in the most dangerous cases of hyperaemia of the brain,

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These are the cases in which the lesion has not remained

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branes depend partly on the fact that, when unaccustomed observers

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be associated with a depression of the bone or fracture, and

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have been obtained, and we hope that the future will lead us to

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hibit any lesion ; but soon the epithelial covering begins to exfoliate,

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pillae connected with the terminations of the nerves are the chief

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of Calmette's ophtbalmo-reaction has added considerably to

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of the abducens induces diplopia and strabismus convergens. Before

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which the tendons pass, by the destruction of the articular cartilages,

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accompanied by severe pain. In walking, the patient places the foot

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nephritis, in which Professor Tyson deals with the question of treatment.

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(2) The length of time which the organism has been grown