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Industry to start a line of investigation for the purpose of developing
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tions ; cattle may, however, be placed on raised floors over pipes and other similar obstruc-
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,.ss It \' ill !.'■ f. . 111. .Iiil.. .!...! Il..-,t l.-.-itliii.s. \lii.-li (-..lislitllt.. til.. III. .si
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inoculation of No. 33, with the sputum culture, which had, however,
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showing nodules of tumor where the carcinoma of the
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the growth for six generations that I was several times on the point of abandon-
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variant. Parrots imported into France in large numbers from the
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prices for horses of all kinds it seems strange that a really good
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self most seriously and frequently exposed to the infection.
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talis. It means that the heart muscle has failed and
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a This price is for short sides, long sides not being quoted. The price for short sides averages 1 cent
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who affixes the tag shall send the numbered stub with his report to the inspector in charge.
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sfitiitc tlic roflcx arc Tliis tfnii^iii»sii)ii iii;i> !>.■ itTci'tfil tlnonph n <«,vtt
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XVI. Summary of Cases of Typhoid Fever, 1889-1899. By William Osler, M. D.
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unable to supply their own demands to the extent of bringing prices
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bers according to the preliminary statements, less running expenses, payments
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the rectum, (2) alteration of bowel habits (diarrhea
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Laclede J. H. Summers, Lebanon R. E. Harrell, Lebanon
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morphonuclear leucocytes with rods and an almost equally marked increase
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fvaetorv period in the cases of the heart muscle ami the museulature of
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In the centers for the Danish breed it is requisite that the sows have
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that the Dalmatian hrecd of d<iji also known as the carria^rc dojr, and