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tions of the tissues, thus causing death and destruction. This pus is

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are not so situated that the drainage from them can contaminate wells or

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arterial blood, the liquid being unable to get out of the tissues. It is

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the nervous centres, Avhich results in the peculiar spasms ; and the parox-

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most when the stomach is empty, and is relieved by taking food ; but the

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nourished, or who have suffered from a severe form of measles. This

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ner the calculus, the more liable is obstruction to occur. In some cases

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kept in bed during the entire paroxysm, however mild it may bo.

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tion presents itself : — shall anodynes be administered ? If they are to be

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ture there probably will be delirium, but it must be regarded as one of the

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diminished the severity or shortened the duration of the primary fever, or

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or into the hilus of the kidney and discharged in the urine. At autopsies,

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Infantile or Encysted Hernia. — This is a form of hernia arising

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Healing may be hastened and scar formation lessened by skin grafting.

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exist before causing death varies with its seat and its character ; a weak child

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The causes are due to injury, gout, rheumatism, and subluxations.

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coat, but there is nothing special in its apjaearance before the end of the

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occur in glands such as the testicle, ovaries, and mammae.

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may reach 90° F.), since during the night the temperature falls below 50°

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these thrombi varies; sometimes they are firm, dry and of a whitish color,

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disease implicates a cavity, the sufferer is usually painfully aware of the

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fibrous wall is derived from the kidney. The inner cyst wall may or may

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In the sciatic dislocation, the head of the bone gets out at the lower

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mation. If there are evidences of local or general peritonitis, opium must

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nature. It is a very grave condition, and means a septic intoxication,

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I do not consider it safe to administer large doses of antipyretics in diph-

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dressing may be used, In any case, the patient should be gotten up,

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usually a history of injury, together with lesions affecting the tissues

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ence of foreign bodies, irritation produced by hardened faeces, and the long

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and carcinoma of the tonsil can not be successfully removed. Manip-

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toxic symptoms are marked, some advise carbolic acid, the sulpho-carbo-

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