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chan-in- posture. There was dulness to percussion on the anterior
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laxed muscles. The pulse, at first full and strong, be-
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ought to be continued for an hour at a time. The limb should first be
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The old Bluegrass State ought to get a new move on herself and
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for operation for obstruction, either the digital divulsion
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shall be open to members of the medical profession and men of science
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Robert [Le Mercredi Medical, 1894, No. 19, p. 230) dilated upon the gravity
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odour. During the last four clays he would submit to no fur-
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plaint could be cured in three days. There was some-
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compound of cyanogen. The gases which he uniformly detected in the coffins
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than the fifth grade in school, gives us a group con-
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the reviewers' argument. The digitalis does excite the absorb-
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stop nursing Adequate inloimation on use in children is not
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of such reactions, or in other words the irritants, may
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instead of being permitted to go through the whole course of the loco
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of the enlarged organ itself. Wandering spleen is most commonly encoun-
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and other observations are made on the subject of the test. By the
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A one-week trip to Glacier National P'ark highlighted
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alarming condition, the facial deformity, he forgot the preceding
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friendship might also be founded in a particular cerebral organ. This
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manner, and was tliought to combine the better proper-
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St. Petersb. med. Wchnscbr., 1893, n. F., x, 213-216.—
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ties of septic blood. The blood of a healthy animal was allowed to become
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thing wrong be asked, a truthful answer must, of course, be given ; but
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from the municipalities that the work had been properly done. If this
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common method of infection is by flies which have access to
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