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meeting in May last, and the prospective field of action then unfolded,
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cern: I have been in the practice of medicine for the past forty-four years, and say
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ix. 1112.— Parisol (P.) Les effets de la melinite, d'aprds
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ment. The child had not lain down to infected, but only those two to the extent
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teresting to those who have given their attention to the
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Pop. Sc. Month., N. Y., 1887-8, xxxii, 31-46.— Niebel ( W.)
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parsley and thyme, and sufficient boiling water to fill the mould
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THE GENERAL MANAGER, Clerical, Medical and General Life Assurance Society,
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when desirable, acid toluidene blue being employed. Examinations
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left leg. On the inner part of the right thigh just above the
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Midecine, October, 1892, p. 442) recommends the sub-
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also seen and recognized upon the screen. These results
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typhus not having been prevalent to any large extent in the United
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may occur in connection with subacute gastritis and structural lesions of
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nected with the heart by fibers which descend in the cord
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movements of the back or of the legs. In one of the
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"September 2d. — The field of vision, O. S., normal. O. D. : Perception
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small celled alveolar glandular carcinoma. As the case is the only known total abla-
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colon and sigmoid flexure ; the commencement of the rectum is drawn from its position, to show the
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but they have a common cause, namely, imperfect oxidation of
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