Periods While On Tamoxifen

of the nerve, loss of faradic excitability of the muscles, and quantitative and

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Hilger Perry Jenkins, S.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery.

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may produce symptoms that formerly were ascribed to scrofula. Syphilitic

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that a beginning disease of the sensory fibers produces first hyperesthesia,

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Attendance : Clinical Lectures on Medicine and Surgery are delivered

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tabes dorsalis is the disturbance of coordination, the ataxia (see page 204).

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search in the Department of Medicine. These fellowships, which as a rule provide a

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for advanced students in zoology. Class limited. Prerequisite: Zoology 205, 220.

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inflammatory changes are especially marked. Leprosy may produce very similar deformities

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indications. Starting with the hypothesis of an inflammatory condition of the

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the efficacy is said to be much greater when the food is deficient in salt.

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(hypertonia) in conditions attended with exaggerated tendon reflexes. This

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oval area in the lumbar and sacral cord which remains unaffected in tabes

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periods while on tamoxifen

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prognosis is grave. Twenty per cent of the cases among the chronic insane

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