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(3) In estimating bed requirements on the basis of admission
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by acting as a local constrictor. The cause of thrombokinase
At the close of the Autumn Quarter, December 17, 1929:
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custom. When the esophagus is inspected then and not until then can
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1885, xiii., 248-254) says cocaine relieves itching of pru-
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other symptoms similar to symptoms in the case when aconite was admin-
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further grants from the National Exchequer as might be necessary.
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We do not see clearly why the result should be serious,
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bacteriologists, and especially in France by Cornil and Suchard, Hillairet
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at an advanced stage of the disease. It has, however, been confounded with
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impressions from the sensory muscle nerves. If so, disease of these tracts
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which he himself has isolated (Bac. dysenterL-E Germanicae),
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ance of old diseases, exotic diseases. (4) Dysentery
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Licensed Lylng-ln Hospital. Confinements a specialty.
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arranging aitificial teeth for the pm-pose of mastica-
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roglobulin represents all the active substances of the thyroid, even if we
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standing" with the Illinois State Board. But practi-
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slight attacks of neuralgia cured by this new medicine. (In-
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obtain pure cultures from a reliable source. For a number of reasons
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on the One Hand and Intranasal Pressure on the Other.—
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solid matters by galvanic currents. Exhalation and secretion are
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These weekly abstracts are designed to l»e '' a prac-
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and well-known collaborators : thus Dr. Baker, Professor of
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they simply say " You have obtained a diploma somewhere,
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the inflammatory signs have disappear- whatever. The skin and underlying tis-
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and special conditions have to be considered that is common-sense. The
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retreat, and begged the wife with tears, to yield. But Catherine was determined
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" bloody " Mr. Whitehead quite loses his temper, and de-
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Any appliance which is so complicated as to require a skilled mechanic
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of lactose, of dextrose from starch, of dextrose and saligenin
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town. Gross neglect of sanitary measures is stated to be the apparent cause,
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that their affections are to be treated of in this connection. IndtHid, some
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made have shown the remarkable value of the reaction, but the method
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