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An alcoholic solution of ethyl nitrite (CoH^NOo), yield-

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leaves, dark brown, brittle, somewhat porous and glossy

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Phosphorus, Spirit of. — D., m. 7-20 (cc. .5-1.3).

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Dr. Gilbert, of the Army, in behalf of the Committee on the Extinction of the

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chloroform, carbon disulphide, or benzin. Spec. gr. about

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face, tongue, head, and bladder, 1 each. Consumption, as usual, car-

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In well-defined enteritis and peritonitis cathartics are '

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good walker. The aff'ected joints were generally very cold, livid,

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Toxicology. — The minimum fatal dose of conium is un-

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amount of twenty-four ounces ; his pulse became stronger under the

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peculiar, slightly fishy, but not rancid odor, and a bland,

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(containing 7 per cent, of citric acid) is treated with chalk