Suprax Sinusitis

evident to careful readers that there is an apparent demonstration

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might have asked the question, "Why this eager, interested

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aration of the present edition this work has been completely revised

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contribution to its progress, commanding the genius and devotion

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late the physician's highest faculties by means of which, as by

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focal softenings, pacchymeningitis hsem, interna, marked hemiatrophy due to

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Derby, H. A'case of retinal hemorrhage in a patient of seventy-three,

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Ph. B., Dickinson College, 1908 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1912 ; Interne,

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Vr. F. E. Daniel, Editor Texas Medical Journal, Austin, Texas.

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is an outcome of the "schools."' You haA^e an original species of

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destroyed by a lack of adaptability to the new conditions on the

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The cortical histological alterations are essentially those which charac-

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severe in the lower half of the colon, it can often be much more

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Although I . consider normal saline solution the best remedy at

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procedures were instituted, the round ligaments be-

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tine established for the protection of life and health. It is entitled

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patient, and if diagnosis is mistaken no harm results. Isolation of

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thus vindicate ''the honor and good names of our departed master,

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The term uneducated as applied to the fourth class of subjects

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England Medical Gazette, 80 East Concord Street, Boston. Subscriptions and all com-

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tions once favorable to the development of yellow fever, but now

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glucose bouillon, agar and glycerine agar (8 tubes), pus from

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M. Clark and E. K. Marshall, Jr. Mushroom poisonoing.— -

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Knopf has compiled some, but has never produced anv literature

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cine and Dr. A. L. Bloomfleld, Assistant in Medicine.

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R. A. Lambert and K. M. Vogel. The removal of calcium from

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character. The cerebral cortical changes were so like those

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Carl R. Meloy. Hypernephroma with case report. — Grace Hospital

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Painter, C. F. The malignancy of joint tuberculosis illustrated by a series

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Nanking, 1912-1917 ; Prof, of Clinical Medicine, University of Nanking Medical

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tion, valuable editorial comments are introduced, and reference

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the waiting room, necessitating the sister's running to the end of