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days, taking three grains before each meal, six doses in all being
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layer to normal perfection, or the nearest approach thereto. If,
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indicated by the flexion of the body on the affected side and the
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cold, though perfectly clear when passed, or when again heated
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This is a new disease, and is one that is seldom met
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which needs doing, whether it be to promote the removal of
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classes of symptoms which by anticipation we shall occa-
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on this subject. The symptom to which he attaches most
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they pass away from the bowels, usually mingled with the
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"As a therapeutic agent, cannabis indica should be classified
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increase the number of his friends in the profession.
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ease should produce such dissimilar lesions at different
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every medical tyro, whose ambition for notoriety is arro-
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of producing secondary symptoms is the most striking
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than adults. The younger the organism the more unstable and
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respect unchanged throughout every phase of their ^^ event-
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into a tube of much less external diameter, but about equal
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Sodium salicylate should be used with caution. As soon as
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is the frequency of the pulse so is the evidence of sepsis, as
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passion, it becomes sensible and patriotic men to consider
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members: PreHident,S\imm Flexner; Vice-Prcside7it, S. J. "Mcltwr;
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ing the policy or not of employing chloroform in mid-
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operation of milking, insert the teat siphon. If the case has
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cultivate the profound philosophy of medicine when once brought to their
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as it has been attempted exclusively for the purpose of
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clothes he does not try to use his thumb and index finger, but
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remedy par excellence. Profuse perspiration does not always
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menstruated when two years old, became pregnant at eight,
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of the blood — not only the action of the heart, but of all the
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Many of the ablest observers and most intelligent pathol-
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the respiratory murmur, previously suppressed, becomes audible.
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enough; but still he acted quite according to rule. A
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erful drug, and that, under some circumstances, large doses
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salt is used freely, the milk being boiled and given hot. And if
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Animals cannot speak and narrate their ills and aches,
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vidually. We not only want to know the gross action, but the
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disease has left me, so far as I can know myself. Of course,
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not be maintained ; either the remedy produces irritation of the
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not be too strongly condemned, for thousands of unfortunate
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