Students design their own Domino’s pizza for school project

domino's year 9For 10 weeks, Year 9 pupils from Cramlington Learning Village in the North East of England planned, designed and created various products and promotional campaigns for Domino’s as part of a school marketing project.

Last week, the four top groups of students were invited to the Domino’s store at Manor Walks Shopping and Leisure in Cramlington to put their pizza ideas and theories into practice.

Students Shauna McLeod, Steph Pattern, Cerys Ainsley and Beth Wilkinson were among the pupils who took part in the scheme and got a ‘pizza the action’.

The students were given a lesson in operation and procedures at the Domino’s branch, before they were given free reign to create their own pizzas.

Bruno Coppola, Manor Walks’ centre manager, said: “We always strive to give something back to Cramlington locals.

“I’d like to thank all of the entrants who were involved and congratulate the overall winners of the project challenge as the choice was difficult as well as the team at Dominos for dedicating their time to such a worthwhile project.”

Michael Bacon, a teacher of Business Studies at the school, said: “We always try and make the experience for our students as real as possible.”

“The Year 9 students have relished the opportunity to try and win the competition and thoroughly enjoyed their first-hand experience in the restaurant.”

“On behalf of the staff and students, I would personally like to thank Domino’s at Manor Walks for their support and partnership for this part of the project.”

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