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that to him is really due a large part of what is now current doctrine
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I owe an apology to the medical faculty in particular, and to the com-
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probably in association with glanders and other specific diseases.
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excellent Bibliography can be found. 27. MARVAND, A. Le sommeil et Finsomnie,
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Microvascular surgical techniques have become effec-
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diminished by closing the meatus to increased pressure of fluid
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advisory capacity, a certain number of physicians. This
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pressed by the intlammatory deposits and thickenings
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it; or exposure to a cold, damp wind, or any influence that sud-
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tents. These cases put in striking light the fact, which
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have been unfortunate enough to see quite a number of cases. They
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ployee showed this letter to his physician, who con-
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represent cases actually studied in the original clinical record. The
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the reasons why they differ, the methods of comparing them with each other,
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able cause, the patient stated that his health was excellent, but
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enlarged, and if the ductus choledochus be closed we also feel the full
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says Dr. Goldschmidt, did it not emanate from a professed
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glycocoU (aminoacetic acid). The experiment was conducted as
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the left side of the mouth, giving a peculiar and disagreeable expression.
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