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17,000 births, the percentage of ophthalmia neonatorum was

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Miftahu'l 'Ulum of Al Sukakl, who died 626 a.h. (1228-9 a.d.).

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third of a line thick. The right antrum was' rilled with three tu-

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dictum of Kraft-Ebbing, that general paralysis is a product of

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"It is perfectly inconsistent with common sense to suppose, that a

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acid, and the air surrounding the mercury exhausted, the venous

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This MS. seems to be unfinished. After it there are three loose leaves— two of them in

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phenomena of the disease, or the adaptation of remedies to be learnt

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solution three times a day for one week, and thereafter 4 minims three

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amongst males to be what is styled " of independent

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sion, extending from the pubis (in the direction of the linea alba,)

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The partiality of personal friendship, is more apt to exaggerate

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single cols, of 15 lines, each 4x3, margined and ruled with ink, signatures, catchwords,

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by mild food, and keep the surface of the ulcerated parts clean with

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The dates 171 3, 1714 occur throughout the volume, and some of the pages are headed

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(Two indexes, of persons and places, fill the following unpaged folios, and are written

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administrées à des patients psychiatriques de l'Institut Allan Memorial, à l'instigation

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depuis | veuue de Henry stuard Roy d'Ecosse son cousin, | epousa le comte Bothuel caluiniste

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un rapport sur le stockage et l'utilisation du sperme humain 128 . Le rapport contenait

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I treat intermittents on much the same plan — only the treatment

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when a sponge dipped in pure creosote was introduced into the wound,

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pratique, comme dans les thérapeutiques qu'il prescrit, de faire courir au malade un risque

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pouvoir être prolongée au delà d'une période de cinq ans.

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in two calendar months, or at the rate of 5 minims three

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been restored in red crayon, as also the first four letters of the fifth line. At the bottom of the

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enterprises which ever emanated from pure Christian charity, but to

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process, but the histological characteristics of the two condi-

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Domino Regi ffrancorum de potes= m. 15 | tate data nuncijs Regis Angliag super in= | tercep-

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edition, p. 507, line 8] et tractandus est ut in peripneumonia notha | descriptus est.