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and it occasionally occurs in certain toxic and infective diseases, such as
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ject. Speaking of senile insanity, while the disease did
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provable or educational standpoint. Underlying all the
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tion shall permit, not later than the month of May,
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sponds with the appearance of the eruption, and it has been
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out by three organs : the retina, the optic nerve, and the brain as
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the foot as well as in the leg. This fact is not spoken of in any of the
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and cause a regurgitation of the contents of the stomach, of
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especially the spleen, are enlarged. This patient is sti
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Tuieroulosis of the Spleen. — In 1904, a large spleen which proved to be
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the examination was not made with sufficient exactness,
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Royster has so well said. However, I can say that I fully agree that the
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(another of the unbelieving ones) to be " a splendid
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United States Army during World War I. Doctor McMurry
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tuberculin, and is liable like it to inspire too great hope
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stream of urine ; pain referred to the glans penis immediately
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to fly to the aid of the distressed, whether he ex-
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dons are released, also the periarthritic tenderness. An admirable
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even advertises in some of their journals, and this is
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of the diseased leg from the ground. The bony union had not yet grown sufficiently firm,
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and that it may be practically regarded as peculiar to the male sex.
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the pericondrium and perhaps the cartilage itself, sometimes diffused, more
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chronic rat plague has anything to do with the recurrence of acute
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As each theory has been presented, a specific treat-
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have perished of the plague in the Deccan since its outbreak,
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again, and neither the pathologist nor physiologist avail to prevent
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been dashed over the diapers. Six pellets of Argentum nitr.
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long descent; and secondly, in the choice of cases to continue
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confirmed by actual observations, which must now be discussed
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M. Fiat pil. No. 1. One to five of these pills to be taken daily.