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respiratory failure, apparently the result of the injection.

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Dr Robert Dyce — Dr Benjamin "Williamson — Dr JoseiA Williamson — Dr Steele

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siders that it was a case of complication with an "especially severe


it is oftener the expression of constitutional states

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which was found completely closed by a thick wall of

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Dr. Coyle had found few cases reported, but believed

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trophy is confined to the right ventricle, no other lesion existing — an

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because it causes a sloughing of the pile tumor. Tell me

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due fevers at all cost This view is changing. It is

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paretic state by the employment of such agents as strychnin and electricity.

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substance, which she said looked like matter, and of some small

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of emetin and for a few days improves and the amebas disappear from

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equal care should be exercised in order that additional extraneous

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Whereas, A joint resolution has been introduced into Congress which is

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are effected by the agency of the altered function of the nerve

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downwards as it passes in towards the tympanum ; but it has, as

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the back are oval and earinated, and those of the sides are

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pile has developed, or the muscle wall is exposed, local measures as

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portant organs and tissues is given an outline of their stmcture and function ; under

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dolens. Bull. m6d.. Par., 1892, vi, 1271-1273.— lie ni-aiid-

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200 of the crew were sent. Some of these men were sick, though

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Correspondents, who wish notice to be taken of their communi-

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to the stage of air hunger. I have observed several pa-

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ble, and their identity established with the same precision as with the

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word in regard to the application of blisters : a small

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The secretory functions, in their regular exercise, influence in

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Inflammation of the Liver may be occasioned by violent exer-

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Fasciculi XI and XII. New York : William Wood & Co., 1888.

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ing, it was deemed desirable to estabUsh a free dispensary for

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her husband and again married, this time playing the role of a husband.

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for by Nature I always mean a certain assemblage of

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alas ! we seem to be drifting away from the ancient moorings ;

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^he spinal marrow with palsy of the cerebral hemispheres. The arrest

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was three, the oldest eighteen years of age, the average being about

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the end of the week's trial, that it is unnecessary to make any distinction, in

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reason, acquired degenerative changes and congenital nar-