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the terms employed ; another source of embarrassment obtrudes it-
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less changed its structure. The conclusion may therefore be drawn
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stoppage outlasting the period of left vagus stimulation longer than stimulation
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of fatty degeneration are often found throughout the gummy masses.
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One case was suffering from vertebral caries with open suppuration accom-
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Experiment 2. — 2 cc. of an aleuronat suspension in saline solution were injected
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velops immediately after, birth. ^ Sex appears to haye no influence, except
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tions being given. On May 3 they were inoculated with virulent
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tory in one who has any of the external manifestations of syphilis asso-
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spasms continued to recur at intervals. She was treated with acetat
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for 1 hour. The readings were made at the end of 2 hours and again after 12
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been able to demonstrate distinct depletion of the gland whose nerve was excited
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the calvarium, a considerable amount of blood flowed from the
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of the formalin fixation. By referring to the table it will be seen
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under the microscope showed traces of healed tuberculosis with no bacilli. Nos.
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{From the First Medical Clinic of the Imperial University in Kyushu, Fukuoka.)
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Symptoms. — Being subacute and always secondary, its early symptoms are
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The annual dinner was most elaborate, and delightfully
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venting lesions, because doses large enough to insure the passage of
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moses are observed in the latter, which are wanting in scarlatiDa.
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us relieve nature of this opprobrium, and consider under what other
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oxysm and endanger the life of the patient from sudden syncopic.
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pressing upon the recurrent laryngeal. Pressure on sensory nerves will
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was avoided. It wall be seen that the last subculture contained serum
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features of the pigment epithelium cells and iris pigment cells under
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are in direct connection with the cells. Psammomata usually develop
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chloride of iron, Mitchell the bi-chloride of mercury, Hammond the chlo-
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The disease was generally confined to this locality and the surround-
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lasted ten or fifteen minutes^ succeeded by two others at intervals
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during the period of maximum rate of growth show no lag. In addition this
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suspended. No cramps; great tenderness of the epigastrium. Had
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Sulpharic Ether wneii inhaled into the lungs ; and stating that be
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sumably as it does under the tape or band, and occlusion take place