Snow and X-Factor spells good news for Domino’s Pizza sales

Domino's Pizza sales given a boost from cold weather and Saturday night TV

A combination of bad weather and good TV has meant that Domino’s Pizza has seen its takeaway sales rise dramatically in the last 13 weeks leading up until the end of December.

Recent sales figures from Domino’s Pizza revealed that the takeaway giant recorded an 8.6% increase in pizza sales during the aforementioned period, when compared to the same time last year.

It’s believed the recent cold snap and snow storms which parts of the UK has experienced of late have resulted in people staying at home and ordering food delivered to their door, as opposed to venturing out to a restaurant.

With high profile television shows such as the X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing hitting our screens every Saturday for the last 3 months, telly fans have been foregoing their night out on the town to stay in with a pizza and their favourite show.

Domino’s Pizza has also benefitted from a successful advertising campaign in which it sponsored another hit TV show, Britain’s Got Talent.

The pizza chain has also reported a surge in online bookings. During a week in October, Domino’s Pizza recorded a third of all pizza orders were taken via its website.

Spurred on by their recent success, Domino’s Pizza are planning to dominate the fast food takeaway industry further as they aim to increase their number of franchises in Britain and Ireland from 608 to 1,000 by 2017.

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