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though improved ; and I purpose referring now more at large to the

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of cardiac disease than in other conditions. I have seen two cases of

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improvement the next da\-. After a few days, however, the patient died of pulmonary

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(3.) Separate Divisions for Male and Female Patients. — It is

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of the air, and the intense sunshine make the cold less felt than at a

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of the parasite, but it did not correspond with the figures given

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These symptoms were loss of appetite, languor, and headache,

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cases, it may possibly occur in some of the face cases which are

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The diseases of the mouth belong in part to the domain of the special-

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appeared, it might seem hardly necessary to do more than merely

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To have laid open the sloughing knuckle of bowel would undoubt-

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act their injurious chemical agencies. He next detailed the views

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as many diabetics are great eaters, it is evidently necessary that the

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for many individuals. With some patients the use of veal regularly

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spend too many hours of both day and night at the gaming tables. Living

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usual manner, absolutely nothing was visible but the tubercular