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American Urological Association. — The .second annual
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perature is normal ; pulse from 96 to 108 ; the local
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and assume temporary command of station. Dec. 8, 1903.
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Berry, T. D., assistant surgeon. To proceed to Cleveland,
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rhea witiiout jaundice, in 7 the lesions were tumors,
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a large area of roughened bone. The middle turbinate
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all operative intervention has a harrowing mortality.
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lirauii u. Fuclis: JSeurae. Pulspliaeu. Ceutral bl. 1'. inn. ft!., 19()-2,
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crease of the knee reflexes with a Babiuski phenome-
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with how much pleasure I have read your report to the
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anastomoses there is no possibility — I speak posi-
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The Use of Gelato-Glycerin Bougies in the Treatment of
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It consisted of several fringelike processes, and was
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Opium. Advantages of small doses, Cheever, D. W,, 247; opium trade in
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Reflecting on this case, I could not help regretting
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Before going any further I should like to call the atten-
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No artificial cultivation of special side chains has
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penalties, thus leaving the respective states, etc.. to form
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tention, and he only yielded to operation as obstruc-
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vomiting, a sense of heaviness and heat at the epi-
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tity for twenty-four hours is also diminished, as would
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In such cases, as a rule, the stones can be dislodged