Simon Pegg comes to Sky Movies Premiere this Saturday

simonpeggSaturday nights in the run up to Christmas have now become dominated by the monster that is Simon Cowell’s X Factor and the “John and Edward-gate” that his PR machine is forcing on the UK public. This saturday however, another Simon is offering you an alternative to watching Cowell’s show. Simon Pegg’s first hollywood lead-acting role in “How to Loose Friends and Alienate People” is to be shown on terrestial television for the first time on Sky Movies Premiere.

The comedy, which received a generally good reception when it appeared in cinemas earlier this year, is inspired by a real-life story of a British journalist accepting a job in a top fashion magazine in the USA. The film follows Pegg’s performance as lead man Sidney Young as he attempts to build his own glittering career in New York and charm the not inconsiderable beauty of Kirsten Dunst.

So, if you feel like a change this saturday, order yourself a pizza and switch to Sky Movies Premiere to be one of the first to watch Pegg’s film on the small screen.

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