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Simon Cowell pays £25k for two pizza ovens

September 21, 2011 by Ian  
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Simon Cowell is obviously a man who knows a good pizza when he tastes it as the multi millionaire has forked out a whopping £25,000 to have two special pizza ovens installed at his Beverly Hills home.

Pizza takeaways and frozen pizzas simply won’t do for the X Factor judge as its been revealed that the 51-year-old has specifically stipulated that two wood fired pizza ovens be fitted at his new Hollywood pad so he can enjoy a taste of authentic Italian pizza whenever he feels the need.

Cowell had the two Prima 100 Mugaini wood fired ovens shipped over especially from Italy, costing £10,000 each and another £5,000 to have the specialist equipment fitted. The Italian pizza ovens are known as the Rolls Royce of the pizza making world and can be used to cook other dishes than just pizza as well as meat and vegetables.

The pizza ovens have been fitted outside on the patio and outdoor dining area of the plush Beverly Hills pad which was once owned by Jennifer Lopez. The £12 million mansion has been undergoing a major refurbishment with the music mogul adding a state of the art movie theatre, a massage room and pool lounge. It is thought that Simon has spent over £2 million renovating the luxury 6-bed house, with building work being carried out at the mansion since 2004 when Cowell first bought the property.

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