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accident has occurred, until all the doors and windows have been for some
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large accumulations of undigested food are met with in the first
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to become apparent during this disintegration. We maj' also see the
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motion remained ; and by dividing the other, motion was stopped, whilst sensibility remained
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rendered comparatively latent, that little can reasonably
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of the second week. It is soon accompanied by the signs of marked anaemia,
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and Coley's fluid. There was no doubt that much more
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increased if necessary, and then gradually diminished again until
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multiple inguinal adenopathy, and other evidences of constitutional infection ;
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lie lower down than in the normal thorax, and the liver is also pushed
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forty years, it has prevailed, from time to time, in different districts of the
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parent-form which does not develop further and the smaller daughter-
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" strophulus " of Willan (7), who in two of his plates represents the
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broad and thin below ; arising from the styloid process of the
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carcinoma of the rectum. The patient had since been free from
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but his grip was too strong to be borne. In extreme cases the patient id
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dispute, the means of restoring to a child the power of standing. Sham-
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laving effectually divided it. In a case tried at Lewes Lent Assizes, 1852,
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some provision should be made for the removal of the
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it IS obvious that one had here to do with a case of acute disejise
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cussionj, .'.78. Also: Med. & Surg. Reporter, Phila.,
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chair of physic at Leyden, and who played a notable part in his day,
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two years ago, when he began also to feel quite weak. About three years
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blood of a dark brown colour with frequent small clots. Its physical signs: In
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well as forwards. And the veins near the heart easily admit
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mention that the surface of the heart appeared as if sprinkled with
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the patient w^'re younger, I certainly would not be
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