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Manual of Bacteriology. By Robert Mdir, M.A., M.D., F.R.C.P. (Edin.), Professor

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diminution and inequality of reflex spinal tonus in the muscles there must

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The next paper of surgical interest is On Iritis; by C. Higgkxs. If Mr.

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men noted for their business acumen and philanthropy.

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At the expiration of the second twenty-four hour period, at which time cultures

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a girl who took a drachm of it by mistake, and was poisoned, but who on

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the fumes of deflagrating zinc. 4th. 'J'he severity and frequency of the attacks

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It having been long felt by the members of the Society that a more extensive library

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and applying an ice-cap. Lumbar puncture and trephining are

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which almost immediately dried in situ upon the glass. The specimen thus

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those whose duties include the medical examination of re-

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and 18 per cent, of the women. Acute congestion occurred next in fre-

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fibrin deposits. This is most often found in tuberculous

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ent affections erroneously considered to be phthisis, and a still greater number

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merous than usual ; those situated adjacent to the ves-

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shock, acting on an organisation already profoundly weakened;

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fering from an abdominal aneurism of considerable size, the pulsation and in-

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1874.] Megrim^ Sick Headache, and allied Disorders, 319

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cludes that " a sufficiently accurate diagnosis may be quickly

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struation, when this occurs in persons of a relaxed constitution. After

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frcm the third to the sixth week after infection. JVIost

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ton has demonstrated that at first articular facets form on the os

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These observations are, of course, of the greatest possible impor-

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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.

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by faradization. Can it be inferred that in this case the

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siders, as a result of his investigations, that the crucial point is the

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how frequently such patients will persistently decline

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and outside the red corpuscles. They resembled piroplasma, but

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Also, transl.: J. de m6d.. chir, et pharmacol., Unix., 1884,

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clot thus obtained. The method may be combined with

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ma. Apostoli asserts the efficaciousness of his method :

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We have no hesitation in pronouncing this as one of the

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water on reaching the top of a mountain over-heated and exhausted in the effort