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volume ; the cortex is pale, grayish-white, or a dull white ; it is

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itself and although non-striated muscle fibers are contained in

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a paralysis, but the loss of motor power is an effect of atrophy of the

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Dr. Seguin, in his account of the experience at the New York Hospital,

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whiskey, followed later by hypodermics of strychnine

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great difficulty in walking. On examination the uterus,

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the plaintiff was going to live, and the judge ruled that he should an-

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complish this purpose. When practicable, setons in the

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is possible, it can as a rule be achieved in a single interview.

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of treatment for these aifections, are chosen according to the

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namely, lymphadenoid tissue, has been used as an argument to differentiate

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has diphtheria than the presence of the pneumococcus in his

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a curious case of foot disease under the term ' podelcoma' as occurring in

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and changes in rear springs in OAF file. Research and

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must be admitted that the prospects of beneficial results thus being

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involved, as the disease is not limited, while the products of inflamma-

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The Lunacy Laws have received important modifications in

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must \)v a clear history of some etiologic condition, and the sudden app>earance

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found that the constriction was almost a finger's length

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this measure is most unpopular at the present time,

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pression of diarrhoea — the first time combined with plumbi acetas, and

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other hand, acted as a direct depressant, the muscle

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