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16 schools of the appearance of contagious diseases in the school com-
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specific form and contagious nature of yellow fever has been
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ai}d the state of the pulse ascertained before the dose is
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the trade-off for the AMA. We think that’ s a good idea for
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governments and our own have done in the premises, and will finish
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New York, held at the Educational Alliance on Janu-
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lays bare the membranous portion of the urethra. The lateral
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The Diagnosis of Aortic Insufficiency. B relet (Gaz. d. Hop.,
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diagnosis than to mention peculiar cases of the disease, of which he had
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On the following morning there was slight excoriation of the gums, which
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eration was most marked ; (3) the ej^iphyseal cartilage
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ity is scarcely ever of more than temporary benefit.
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bowels as inert bodies, disappointing the intentions of the practitioner
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a qt. of spring water, a little salt, I pt. of boiling water.
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'^rHE patient was a boy vet. 16, who was born in Demerara,
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Goodman and Harris 8 have recently offered a plan which seems
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. the neck of the femur.] OgataByoyen Iji Kwaiho, Tokyo
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wife] is not feeling well; there is no hurry, any time
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To quote Dr. Hanson—" The heart is assisted in its work of
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in the intestines. Pain in the belly ; colic of various degrees of
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has been highly effective in decreasing the probability of chronic hepatitis B virus infection in infants
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Man is also subject to hernia congenita but animals not
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myelitis, peripheral neuritis, or reflex causes, is not uncommon.