Seminole Dominos Store Smashes Opening Sales Records Making Pizza History

domA Seminole Dominos franchise made 5400 pizzas and over 3000 side orders in the very first days of trading, breaking records and making Dominos history.

“We made 54-hundred pizzas last week. Five thousand, four-hundred pizzas and another three thousand one-hundred side items,” said Cassie Gerety, one of the owner’s of the Domino’s franchise in Seminole.

With only 7,000 people residing in the town, the store must be doing something great to have been subject to so many customers.

The owners claim to be as bust during the weekdays as they are in the weekend, shocking other franchisees that with to mirror their success.

The owner of the store has 12 Dominos franchises, suggesting it may be a business secret that is influencing such an influx of orders. The Managers however say that they have never experienced such an

Tuscon, Arizona is where Garety and Lee used to manage a Domino’s.

Lee says even in a city that size he never experienced anything like Seminole.

“The city in Tucson is what, 20 times, 30 times bigger than Seminole. But the stores here, are just crazy,” said Lee.

Including one in Andrews which Gerety says broke opening week sales over Camp Pendleton in California by 52%.

Seminole beat the Andrews record by 8%, proving to be a victorious location with lots to offer the community.

“So, we’ve raised the bar pretty high for anyone who wants to have a record week, said Gerety.

Gerety, who grew up in Midland, says she enjoys being able to bring in new things to small towns, placing her own stamp on the Franchise.

“Small towns are just my favorite place to be. Everyone’s nice and friendly, like they’re all family.”

She has introduced a pizza theater which is bringing great joy to many and drawing in customers from further afield.

“I walked in and I was like, ‘wow,’ I didn’t expect that because I’ve never seen that in a Domino’s before,” Rebecca Mattern said.

“There wasn’t a lot of things there and I remember when a new place opened up and the excitement that it brought you,” Gerety said.

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