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Prognosis. Favourable. The mania arising in consequence of

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encounters the ileo caecal valve and progress here is very much slower

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Orleans on official business. On his arrival in the latter city

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Administration. Oil of turpentine is given with eight or

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published in the Journal of the Society of Practical Medicine of Montpelier.

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is mild this should be applied only once or twice a day

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these cases should encourage us to splenectomize in suitable cases of portal

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sidered it will easily be seen how impossible it is to give a

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sitting down is quite peculiar the Japanese kneels down

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Your committee believe that an observance of the recommenda

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irking the limit at which successful work comes to a halt

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tive functions become impaired and pains are induced. Such

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cells all day instead of being well aired. The prisoners both

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into the soft parts at the side of the bladder. On re introducing

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She always had control of the bladder and bowel never complained

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frieze in winter red cummerbunds and putties instead of leg

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parchment. In two cases the pressure of the heart upon the

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B. The treatment of surgical shock by large doses of

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therein. We must therefore correct all unhygienic conditions

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drainage tube was inserted and the child did well. In tetanus also

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richly impregnated with these paracolon bacilli and yet no additional

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foot level by fascines of brushwood or straw with boards on top

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