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inirits'nor^rarposrtlon^anTthariVis'stT^ the muscle being included in the first layer,

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time elapsing between the exposure of northern to .southern

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states that he at first felt some embarrassment as to the mode of

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interesting and instructive study in reference to the action ot"

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than nine days each, which, considering the nature of the cases,

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onian; the violent convulsions having partially subsided,

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not unadvisable to diminish the strength of the reasons which

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so strong a view as ■ Lallemand's, but they suggest that the

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entirely or mostly from incident influence on the medulla

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as concentrated form as possible, an hour here to the e,xpectant method, who assert

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able stage of excitement is passed, then tum cause deep breaths to be taken, and the

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paralysis. Cases in which the influence of the spinal cord is inter-

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that portion of the cerebrum which is supposed to be specially

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directly from the diseased caeca into the liver and there de-

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Accordingly, in cases of anemia, especially upon becoming dry.

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office except a pocket case with three or made to keep every one of these men with

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While my experience with thymol in man ^,, . , ,, , , 4. j u a- * *

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the ear vein in three injections 4 cc. of sterilized blood from a swine

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When first invaded b^^ the bacterium, the adenoid tissue

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oesophagus, resulting from the action of a corrosive liquid that

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gested, namely, that a toxin produced during the multiplica-

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by such a method of rendering him harmless. Past experience

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use of a curette. If a sharp curette is nee- If the woman cannot leave home and

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not too thick, may be readily destroyed by the acid nitrate. A

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to a temporary supposition that this American cornstalk dis-

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mixed with evil ; for this very buoyant feeling of hope is taken advantage

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icine and his remedies were husbanded with was thrown were satisfied of his ability,

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Dr. Sonnies, of Washington, Dr. Hyle, of Wilmington, and Dr. Condie,.

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immediate use by the pathologist. Etiology has become per-

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there is a disposition to improve, and the tubercles are not large,

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stupor which in some adults persist for the entire day, are not met