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renders the differential diagnosis between these two affections difficult.

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virus of rabies, and rendering those bitten by mad dogs im-

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Farkes' Practical Hygiene.^ — No work can be more welcome or

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he had not seen recorded thickening and infiltration nearly all over the body


he took a six months' preceptorship in medicine with Drs. Francis G.

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should fail to recognise the masterly grasp of the problems of

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result : Eed cells, 760,000 ; white cells, 8,400 ; haemoglobin, 11 per cent.;

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as to the true condition of the system. — London Med. Record, Oct. 15, 1879.

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signed for the purpose of physical development and accustoming the

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sensory excitation, produce the reflex action of deglutition ; fifthlv, on the in-

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two or three weeks. When the tonsils remain enlarged

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be first put to work with mild bits. The good snaffle-bridle

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and chronic formative periostitis, changes whicii might be

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entered the session. Later, it was put at the very end of the

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tous, and there was some hypostatic consolidation of

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can, like the expert paleontologist, who reconstructs mas-

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years on the Thomsonian System, and fully convinced

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all the forceps which the institution possessed, some

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the rat, the mouse, and the squirrel. Fig. 8, the hair of the 70 diameters,

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psin is generally evidence that the first object is effected. The doses,

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becomes exceedingly difficult to give any clear expression of

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Leloir, H., and Vidal, E. : Traite descriptif des maladies de la peau, sympto-

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epidemic of 1884, and later in Hamburg, in 1892. Its two-

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ness ; the pulse becomes quick, small, and feeble ; the skin cold, niotuea,

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ings came away with a consciousness that much indefiniteness

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amount of traction I accomplished the deliverj- without

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minority of the trustees now protest, and thus the matter rests, while the

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that one who, from purely philanthropic motives, endea-

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Aside from quite nunjerous papers found in various journals, the work of

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' Micbaud, Sur la Meningite et la Myelite dans le Mai vertebral, Paris, 1871.

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the child, a boy, crying lustily as soon as born. I

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naTu^al vTnd'h^h^^ '' ^^"'^''^ '^ bap'pen,'for we a^