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death in from two to three hours, in which there had

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fere with the correlated activity of the suprarenals. If

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apprehended if the bowels should remain unmoved for

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diameter, might be oared by this most ingenious operation aaggested by his

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excessive adenoid cells, giving splendid clinical results — but we do

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this interval loss has been noted might be understood from the fol-

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schools in our country have of course come up against the same sort of

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small matters where there is so much to admire. We cannot help feeling,

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this evil result is due to the local affection, the pericarditis, and how

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cine, as they promote more detailed study and thereby lead to higher

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wounded by one and the same cause ; then the different sets of symp-

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pains, or a preceding disease, such as diabetes. There were, how-

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Bardenheuer & Wolff ( 0.) Die Resektion des tuber-

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(3j CvJtaneous Manifestations. — Diabetic urine, on account of the sugar

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use to her briefly and asked her to try it, and report soon if

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due. I do not think that one can appreciate the ease

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slight hypostatic congestion. No meningitis was found in any case.

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000 feet and remains so during the remainder of the experiment.

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G. A. B. Hall. It comprises six wards with accommodation for

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hollow visceral lesion, and the absence of symptoms of hemorrhage

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entire abolition of sensation. Pain was reduced to less

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sexually-stimulating foods, such as eggs and glandular meats,

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the operation at an earlier and more favourable stage of

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were common (50%) and included nausea, vomiting, pruri-

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stomach. This circulation of the products of digestion, without any elabo-

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extension as advocated by him was not practically valuable, and that by

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pital, and Mr. Morant Baker charged the antiseptic system with

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of another paroxysm, one hundred and twenty grains of quinia were given,

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matoid arthritis, enlargement of the joints takes place

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slight dullness on percussion over the sigmoid flexure. Slight tym-

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to which Mr. Callaway refers. The e^^dences and the causes of the displace-

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Ergot has been resorted to in a number of my cases. Its

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typhique. Z6id., 1893, 3. s., x, 779-792. A2so .• Mercredi

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